Friday, August 22, 2014

DIY - Friday: Striped bangles

Have you seen those nail + jewellery type tutorials around lately as well?
I did and when I was looking through my sad bangle stash it hit me! They need some spice and what could be better (and easier) than applying some nail polish!

What you need:
x Nail polish in your favourite colours
x Clear top coat nail polish
x Bangles
x Pliers (or chopsticks if you're handy with them)
x Paper tape (not necessary)
x A piece of paper or cardboard as protection for your table

What you do:
First decide if you want to make your stripes even or want it just a little more artistic ~.
If you want more even stripes you can use the paper tape to tape of the areas which you don't want to paint.
But I don't like it that polished (see what I did there!) so just dived in!
Open your polishes.
With your pliers, grab your bracelet.
Now start painting stripes on the bangle.

Let it dry. Finish it off with a coat of clear polish.

My Result:

When looking at this picture I noticed I made a gryffindor bracelet! Ha!

And now wear it with pride! ^^

Monday, August 18, 2014

Fixing a paper umbrella

Perhaps some of you have read the post when I bought two Asian style wooden parasols for 1€. One made from silk and the other one from paper. Because it was windy that day, the paper one went flying (before I bought it) and it got holes in it (which is why I got it for free!). This week I finally tackeled those holes!

disclaimer: If you have an antique parasol, it's better to get it fixed by a professional.

This is the parasol I'm talking about!
I did a bit of research online and I think I found a good method!

One of the bigger holes. But there are also a lot of smaller cracks and little tears.

This is how some were fixed. Not really good...

Tools I used!

- washi: japanese rice paper. I also read that someone just used regular paper towels to fix his/her parasol.
- a brush
- tweezers or a pair of chopsticks if you're skilled with them
- Fabric glue, white craft glue, paper glue
- scissors

The method I used:
Cut out a piece of washi which is 1-2 cm bigger than your tear.
It's easier to apply glue to your parasol first. Then add your washi piece and add some more glue.
This is a fixed area.

To handle bigger holes, you use the same method.
But in my case, the paper was folded to the outside and I wasn't able to pull it back to close the hole. So I grab a paper towel and some water and made the paper wet. This way I could get the piece to close the hole. After it dried, I went ahead and applied glue and the pieces of washi.
If you have a bigger hole, you can use more than 1 piece.



And these are the fixed holes when the glue dried

Friday, September 27, 2013

DIY Friday: Shorts makeover with brocade selfmade stencil

 What you need:
To make the stencil:
- paper
- pencil / sharpie, ...
- paper tape
- Plastic paper
- paper cutter / knife
- a stencil image you want to use. No idea? Pinterest is your friend or google, google too!
To use the stencil: 
- Spray glue / adhesive
- fabric paint
- sponge
- piece of cardboard

How to do it:
Tape the plastic to the stencil
Trace the stencil onto the plastic with a sharpie or pencil
Start cutting the plastic
After the stencil is fully cut out of the plastic, insert the cardboard into your item and lay the stencil upon your Tshirt or shorts or something to find the good spot. Once you've decided where you want to put it, apply a coat of spray glue and put it back.

Take your sponge with fabric paint and carefully dip it onto the stencil. Do NOT make strokes. By stroking it is easier for the paint to sip through under the stencil and smodge.
Let the paint dry for a bit. Not to long or your stencil will stay stuck onto your item.
Take of the stencil and admire your nice piece of art!
Repeat the steps until satisfied!

My result!

I know Autumn and Winter are coming so this probably won't be used on shorts but be creative! Attack a plain sweater or shirt or perhaps even your wall with stencils! And don't forget to show me the result!

Friday, August 23, 2013

DIY Friday: Easy Hairpiece organizer

Do you also always lose your bobbypins? I really needed to have something to organize them because I don't want to buy a new pack every month.
When I was looking at this piece of wood (the back of a large broken pictureframe), I immediately knew what to make with it! A hairpiece organizer! And it will be super easy!

What you need:
- a piece of wood with the size to your liking. You can use also the back of an old pictureframe like I did.
  (if it is rough wood, you'll need sanding paper as well)
- paint / spraypaint / ...
- ribbon
- hot glue gun / regular glue
- a pencil and a ruler
- a hammer and a nail

What you do:
This is what I started with. A nice clean piece of wood. It already has holes on the side which made it easier for me! (plus gave me the idea ^^)

First I removed the metal piece that were still in the holes.
Lay it out flat on the ground and start to paint it in the colour you like. I used a can of white spray paint because it is just quicker than using a brush!
After it dries, take your ruler and pencil and mark where you want your holes.
It's best to stay 2-3 cm from the edge. My piece of wood already had 6 holes but I made 2 more between the first and third row to get more storage space.
Take out dremel and start drilling the holes. Make sure you make them as wide as the ribbon you're going to use. You can also make them smaller but not bigger as it won't look as good.
Make an extra holes in the middle of the top to hang it later.

After the drilling, take your ribbon (mine is a silver glitter one) put it through the holes and cut it so you keep minimum 2-3 cm's of ribbon at the back. Take your glue and glue them down. Repeat on the other holes.
Wait for it to dry and you're finished!
This is my result.

And the back
Take your hammer and nail and mount it on the wall.
Now go and find all those lost bobby pins, hair flowers and other hair pieces and add them to your brand new organizer!
 This is it's place in my room. Below the earrings organizer I made earlier (tutorial!)
My room is getting a make-over so expect more organizing tutorials!
Just this week my mum and I build two clothingcabinets from the IKEA in two afternoons. Now I finally have a warderobecloset, just for me!

Friday, August 16, 2013

DIY Friday - Organize your rings!

Today it's an organizing tutorial!
Do you also have a pile of rings cluttering the top of your cabinet?
Here is one way to organize them reusing a thing where jewellery arrives in.

What you need:
x A sharp knife
x a necklace box, bracelet box, ... Basically a box with a piece of foam in!
x Your rings!

What you do:
First you need to decide how you want to organize your rings in the box.
I decided I want to place them in two rows, perpendicular on the long side.
Take your knife and cut little slices, as wide as your rings. 
If you have lots of thin rings, you can make the slices closer to each other. If you have thicker rings, you'll need to make them wider from each other. 
This is my result

And voila!

Nice and easy tutorial to organize your rings!
Let me know if you've tried it!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

You know you're a craftster when ...

On craftster there's a really big topic where craftsters posts things they do which make them a craftster.
I selected the things that suit for me. Here's my You know you're a craftster when- list :

- you can't sit still through a movie without your hands going 
- you're watching people at college and you look at every girl's purse you see and wonder if they made it, or where they bought it, or where they bought the fabric.
- you're ALWAYS expecting something in the mail. (whether it be from a swap or penpal)
- When you go to a clothing store and buy the biggest shirt you can find in their cheap clothing range, simply because you'd never get that much fabric for 2 € at the fabric shop.
- you take pictures of things in shops on your phone that you really wanna know how to make!
- You randomly think of joining things together by ironing them so that one part melts...
- When in every shop you ever enter (being a supermarket, shoestore, bookshop, etc.) you look around for cheap materials that you can use for crafting (even if they were meant to serve a totally different purpose)...
- You see something in a store and say/think...why buy it when you can make it! I can make that! But then you never do
- You see things in a store or just about anywhere and think about what you can make with it.
- you go to bed and can't sleep cause you have so many new ideas in your head that you can't wait to try out.
- you go to the post office and yours is the only package made out of a paperbag and duct tape- you tell - - - yourself " ok, no more new projects, you have to finish the things you already have" but somehow you always manage to rationalize getting new stuff. inner dialog goes something like this "I know I told myself I shouldn't get anything new but what if they don't have this *insert random craft here* when I actually would have time for it..."
- you look for fabric with an odd bit left over on the bolt after you're going to purchase your yard or two, because you know the lady at the counter will give you a discount on the leftover when you act like you don't want it.
- you are a complete wimp about trying new crafts "because what if I suck?", but fearlessly and without hesitation take on ambitious projects in crafts you have never tried before because you had the perfect idea for a swap item, and the vision in your head will surely carry you through!
- you take "You didn't make that! You bought it!" as a compliment.
- you appreciate handmade gifts (no matter how flawed they are) more than store bought gifts, because you know it means someone cares.
- You get random bits and bobs as your birthday present with a big box to organize your craft supplies. You can never have too many boxes!

So, how about you?